Friday, 22 February 2008

My Search Funds - Be paid to search? Too good to be true??

Search something on this search engine

Everytime you do that I get paid. I'm sure you'd rather it was you getting paid and here I'll review the website that this is from.

Ever thought how good it would be to be paid to do the stuff you normally do anyway? Well I've found a site that claims to do that. If you spend too much time online like me, you'll probabley search the internet alot. Each time you serach the search engine company gets money from the advertisements. I've found a website that gives you a cut of the profits. It works by having the searchengine site give a cut of the advertising revenue to the company, the company then to persuade you to use the search engine gives you 50% of there cut everytime you search.

The search engine is the same as s. My experience with it so far is that it is slightly inferior to google and yahoo, mainly due to the amount of results you get back. It seems to have less results than the other big search engines. Good things about the search engine is the way it lays out the results. For example, say I wanted to find out about nelson mandela for a school project. I type "nelson" into the search engine. On the left you get suggestions on related searchs, which can be useful to focus your results more. For nelson the suggested searchs were

I also had options to expand my search with suggestions such as

Then there was a final bit with related names which had Horatio Nelson and Nelson Mandela .

In the center of the page were the search results. With the sponsored results on top. Fairly self explantiotry.

On the right hand side is what makes the search engine a bit more interesting , first it had recnt related news articles. Below that it had a dictionary difinition and below that it had small thumbnails of images, then wikipedia, then videos. So for reserching it seemed like a very good search engine.

I've found the payment to be about 3 pence each search, which is not bad. I use firefox as my browser and they have support for the search engine to be integrated into the browser like google is.

The Question in your head is probably the same one i had when i first came across the site "Is this real? or is it a scam?" . As far as i can see it is all legit. It does not pay you much, you'll not be able to live off this (unless you manage to get your search link on a hell of a lot of computers) but its nice to see that your benefiting from the advertising revenue that the search engines milk you for.

Here is the link to the site if you would like to check it out for yourself MYSEARCHFUNDS